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Stone Pool House & Cabana

Stone Pool House & Cabana

A stone pool house is an outdoor structure designed to provide shelter, amenities and a touch of luxury for those using a swimming pool. A stone pool house is typically constructed from natural stone, such as limestone or granite, and can be designed to match the style of your home and complement your outdoor living space.

Stone pool houses are durable, long-lasting and low maintenance, and can add value to your property. They can be designed to include features such as changing rooms, bathrooms, storage areas, and a covered seating area.

Some stone pool houses may also include additional features, such as a bar or kitchenette, a hot tub, or a shower. They can also be designed with windows and skylights to provide natural light and ventilation, and can be equipped with heating and air conditioning to make them comfortable year-round.

Overall, a stone pool house can be a luxurious addition to your outdoor living space, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits. It can offer shelter and amenities for those using your pool, as well as a comfortable and stylish space for entertaining and relaxation.


In London, Ontario, building the Ultimate Backyard Pool House was a decision by a young couple to invest in their backyard to the fullest instead of buying a cottage and having to manage two properties and travel to get to a cottage. This beautiful 800 square foot area is a great place to spend time with family and friends.

It was built on 3 foot concrete footings and piers, with faux stone on the front and interior. Fully equipped with a full bathroom, tile floors, mold resistant drywall, a kitchen sink, an outdoor shower, fully equipped stainless steel (rust resistant) cabinetry, stainless steel dishwasher, stainless steel double wide refrigerator, custom wide double-edge bar with granite top, and a full wood burning fireplace. 

The 8-week project started at the end of summer and finished in the spring. The frame consists of 2 x 6 boards, and the walls between the bathroom and the kitchen are insulated for privacy and safety fire code because the barbecue backs up to the washroom. The fully-vaulted, coffered, boxed ceiling features a breathable soffit and recessed lighting all throughout. The roof features 30-year architectural shingles. 

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Here are some reasons why you may want to consider hiring a Red Seal Carpenter to work on your stone pool house project

Expertise in Carpentry and Construction

Red Seal Carpenters have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of construction, which means that they can work alongside other professionals on your stone pool house project. They can help ensure that the structure is built to code, and that all necessary permits are obtained. They can also work with other tradespeople, such as electricians and plumbers, to ensure that all aspects of the project are properly coordinated.

Attention to Detail

Red Seal Carpenters are known for their attention to detail, which means that they will take the time to ensure that every aspect of your stone pool house is built to the highest standards. This includes ensuring that the structure is level, the foundation is solid, and that all masonry work is properly executed.

Custom design

A Red Seal Carpenter can work with you to design a stone pool house that meets your specific needs and preferences. They can provide guidance on the best materials to use, and can help you create a design that is functional, beautiful, and within your budget.

Project management

Red Seal Carpenters are skilled at managing construction projects, which means that they can oversee the entire building process from start to finish. They can coordinate with other tradespeople and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Overall, while a Red Seal Carpenter may not be an expert in stonework specifically, their construction expertise and attention to detail can be valuable assets when building a stone pool house. They can provide guidance, oversight, and management for the project, helping to ensure that it is completed to the highest standards.