Deck Spa And Privacy

Deck Spa And Privacy

This was an addon to a previous deck built by the homebuilder, where we brought it up to code, added some special privacy features, and a spa pad, which was a wooden deck on concrete piers 4 feet in the ground at 5 feet spacing.

We also built hidden doors so the homeowner can service the hot tub without needing to move the hot tub. There are several ways to achieve this including removable panels under deck or on top of the deck. In one picture, a splice shows were we added new wood to extend the length of the deck bringing it to the edge of the house and added a privacy screen to block the neighbors house which can allow for private relaxation and shade control.

We added a new set of stairs and updated railings to complete the look of the backyard. This was a triangle shaped pergola but it can be built as a rectangle, square or a custom shape to fit the space of the backyard.

With the help of a licensed plumber, we added a gas line for the BBQ so the homeowner didn't need to worry about constantly refilling propane tanks.



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